Interview with Benjamin Mahiou, Country manager at Core Kiteboarding

During the last year Core kiteboarding experienced some trouble concerning the products’ distribution, especially in France,ย  All the shops used to receive the equipement behind the schedule and they were losing part of the market. The German brand reacted quickly and it has created a new dynamic changing its sales and distribution system. Moreover Core is announced a big news for the 2019, they are launched a new Cross-Over kite to satisfy a larger audience, the Nexus.

I wanted to find out more about it and so I’ve contacted Benjamin Mahiou, the country manager for Core, who gently accepted to answer to some questions exclusively for

So Ben, why did you choose Core?

Ahah, it s an ongoing quesiton! I’m am in the kite business since a long time but in the last years I was stuck in my old job because I had a different point of view about the market. Moreover I can say that my first “mistake” was to test the Core GTS4 that at the time it impressed me. I couldn’t find any flaw regarding the program which it was built for. Furthermore, it struck me the high level brand philosophy concernig the quality kite contruction: German material sourcing, the finishing and a lot of “made in Europe” pieces, like the bar. But more than that I loved the feeling with the kite and its performances win me over. So I chose to mett the Core International Team and we well understood each other: same vision, same philosophy and a passionate nature that correspond to the idea I made up of the brand.

When they proposed me to work for the French project I couldn’t refuse, even if it is a big challenge to establish a bran in a saturated market.


What’s the new innovations proposed by Core for the 2019?

This year the most important change is represented by the Nexus, a 3 struts kite with a modern C-shape. The Nexus is born by observing for almost 5 years the GTS. We were looking for more versatility and we thought to improve the kite and make a new more oriented to a “wave” program. Nexus is born from this idea, it is a modern C-shape kite able to face the hybrid kite and have the best out of the two style: accurate flight control and high responsive bar, wider wind range coverage and more kite stability. By now it’s done, the Nexus suits the beginner as the more experienced rider who want to push up to the extreme loops and to wave surf thanks to its drift skills. Moreover it can be used even in foil riding (even if I advice you the Section for this program) due to its stability in the lower part od the wind window . Nexus is our larger audience product, advices even for teaching.

But CORE’s philosophy is les blabla and gokiteing, so go and test it and give me your feedback, ok ๐Ÿ˜‰


Altrimenti la nuova versione della nostra ala da megaloop, la GTS5 รจ pronta. Infatti visto che la Nexus ha preso una parte del vecchio programma della GTS, ci siamo permessi di orientarla un poโ€™ piรน freestyle e renderla un poโ€™ piรน nervosa. รˆ sempre facile da utilizzare ma se decidi di spingere sullโ€™acceleratore la GTS5 sarร  capace di dimostrarti il suo carattere ยซย king of the airย ยป lol.

Un ringraziamento particolare a Benjamin Mahiou per la sua disponibilitร