Interview with Francesco Grassi, Kiteboarding Marketing Manager at RRD exclusively for

Lots of innovations have been launched in the kitesurf world for the 2019, and some of them came from the italian brand Roberto Ricci Designs. RRD aim to be the best kite wave brand by introducing two new technologies top of the line and make its surf boards even more effective, and that’s not all.

To find out more about it I’ve interviewed the kiteboarding marketing manager, Francesco Grassi.

Francesco Grassi RRD

Hello Francesco, I’ve heard about great innovations from RRD, what’s the product line you developed the most?

Hello Simone, most of the innovations concern the surf boards, because we’ve introduced two new technologies: the UC (United Core), which consists in the union of two core, EPS and PU within the same board and the Black Ribbon, which is a board made entirely of Innegra carbon fibers. They are the two highest quality technologies at the moment.


What’s the advanatges of those two new technologies?

The new Black Ribbon construction provides a lightweight and strong kiteboard while maintaining a significant amount of flex compared to a full carbon layer.

The U.C. construction make a light board that lasts, by adhering the PU to the EPS; this production process covers the entire rail, nose, and tail areas, keeping them totally waterproof in case of a crack.

RRD varial wave

Are all the boards available in both constructions?

No, those technologies are available just for some surfboards, not for all.

Did you make some new board or did you just work on the existing ones?

We did both. Thank to the two new technologies we improved the performances of the old line boards.

And we’ve launched the new Ace, a freeride and small wave board, and the Varial, a pure freestyle strapless kitesurf shape perfect for the competitions. We dedicated it as a strapless board so no inserts will be found on the deck of the Varial. You can expect this board to be extremely light and thin, the thinnest in our range. This razor sharp design enhances handling and control. Finally the channels running down the deck allow for that hands on approach to adding stylish grabs but also increases it’s upwind ability, which is crucial during competitions!

Even if this board is for the dedicated strapless rider and it is provided with no iserts, for who loves the Thruster, the board is amazing also in the waves, word of Francesco Cappuzzo.

Is the new Varial already on the market?

At the moment you can find just the U.C. The Black Ribbon is going to be launched in a limited number on February 2019.

Beside the new innovations on the surfboards I heard that you want to reintroduce a kite in your line, the Addiciton? Why you stop to produce it and why you want to reintegrate it?

The market is changing direction due to the new high jump captures that creates a new network of people focused on big air discipline. It’s for this reason that with Roberto we decided to satisfy this growing market share. The Addiction, great Race kite, used to have good high jump construction, that’s why we choose to reintegrate it in our line. We think that it is up to the standards of the best loop and big air kite on the market.

What’s the main characteristics of this new kite?

The Addiction has become a big air thoroughbred. In the smaller size is a pure open C with a high aspect ratio, perfect to loop without the fear of backstalling. From the 12m we focused on the main users and so we choose to give a more open shape to the kite and we move back the tips to perform better on lift and hang time.

RRD varial jump wave

A big thanks to Francesco Grassi for his willingness.

All the pictures are taken by Svetlana Romantsova and Highlight prod.