Interview with Benjamin Mahiou, national ditributors for Moses Hydrofoil in Francia, exclusively for

During the final of Coupe de France Kitebording Border Cross I had the pleasure to meet Benjamin Mahiou, country manager for Core Kiteboarding and distributor for Moses Hydrofoil (from January 2019) in France. Ben was there to show and let the rider and kitesurf instructors test his products. He had a big success because many people came to speak with him and were amazed about the Moses Hydrofoil products performances.

I did test the foil and so I decide to contact again Benjamin to learn more about it.

Hello Benjamin, first of all could you introduce yourself?

Hello Simone, my name is Benjamin Mahiou,I’m 38 years old and I am in the kite world since the beginning of kitesurf, in 99/2000 (do you remember the wipika ^^), and i work in this business since 10 years (rider and then sales manager). Now I am country manager for Core kiteboarding and my goal is to develop the brand in the french market. Core is an important brand abroad but it is not well represented in my country. But this is changing because we’ve launched a new dynamic.


When did you start to work for Mosesย Hydrofoil?

So, I actually do not work for Moses but I work at Core Kiteboarding and at the same time I will distribute the Moses products in France from January 2019. Core prefers to focus on kites and traditional boards, so we thoughts clever to have another foil partner. My meeting with Jimmy Mazzanti of Moses hydrofil did the rest.

Why this foil?

Why Moses? The first thing I’ve heard about this brand is that it is a European production which is interesting. Then all the rumors about their prooduct’s accessibility and performances were positives. Moreover one of my rider, Seb Cou, confirmed me to do not take lightly this brand. And least but not last the price is attractive for a foil made mainly of carbon-fiber composites. So I decided to contact them and I think that my meeting with Jimmy Mazzanti was a determinating factor. He loves the good products and he has a big experience in Italy and all over the world. I enjoy his product and market approach because he doesn’t want to copy the other but he want to experiment new ideas with his R&D team.

And finally, I was surprised about their manufacturing quality. I had the opportunity to visit the factory and it is just a jewel of high technology, three axes robot, autoclave, qualified workers that love their job … I do not have any doubts about the product, it is amazing.

What are the foil’s innovative features?

So, on the foil you tested, the onda 91 (intermidiate mast), we used a different approach because our goal was to have,ย in addition to a wing with a maximum lift, a smooth ride feeling without reach excessive speed and a good carving even at low speed. The team have done an important work between the front and rear wing (stabilizer). The front wing has a big surface but it’s not very thick, however thanks to the shape developped by the Moses’ team (specialised even in helicopter and drone’s propellers) the foil has a great lift at low speed and a pleasant ride feeling with no strong acceleration. This characteristics make this foil super easy because it forgives all the small rider’s mistakes.

The onda is perfect for the current trend, it is playful and accessible and it allows to surf and to learn how to turn around without getting crazy, while having a good ride feeling.


What’s your target audience?

The onda or the other Moses foils are easy to use. Even the “race” one is one of the most accessible foil on the market. The idea is to have a multipurpose and evolutionary foil, but always accessible. This is the reason why we’ve created a speacial set up that allows the rider to change the front or rear wing of the whole range as he wishes. We deliver a high quality product at a very good price ๐Ÿ˜‰

When is going to be ready?

The onda 91 is already on the market and for sure is our 2018 best seller. However, we aim to a larger audience and so we propose even a smaller mast 71 and we are working on a new offer which will be lower in price, especially for the kite’s schools.


Which material do you use?

We basically use carbon and glass fibre, as well as a high quality anodized aluminium for the fuselage. But I can not say more about foil composition ๐Ÿ˜›

A big thanks to Benjamin Mahiou for his willingness