As far as i’m concerned, 6 October 2018 is an historic date for kitesurf. Our discipline indeed joins the Youth Olympic Games.

The chosen discipline is TT:Racing, a fast downwind race with spectacular jibe and obstacle’s jump. At each turning point the riders push their limits at the next level to get any possible advantage, risking each time a collision or a line’s tangle.

It’s a relatively short but thecnical race which make this format fascinating and full of suspene.

TT racing kitesurf jibe

Key points

There are four key points: the start, the first and longer leg, the jibe and the obstacle jump. It’s really important to do not mess up with any of those to win the race.

Any athlete will pay for the slightest mistake.

TT racing obstacle jump

Qualified nations

12 boy and 12 girls of differents nationality will be in Buenos Aires to fight for the Olympic gold medal. In the men category the qualified nations are: Argentine, Dominican Republic, China, Croatia, France, United States, Antigua & Barbuda, Brazil, Morocco, Slovenia,Philippines and Australia. In teh ladies category: Argentine, Spain, Italy, China, France, Germany, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, South Africa, Poland, Thailand and New Zealand.

The format

Each event consists of multiple Elimination Series, Half Fleet or Full Fleet races.

Each Elimination Series / Half Fleet Race / Full Fleet Race counts as one race.

In each racethe athletes are divides in differents heat on the basis of their world ranking. The two up to four (depending on the number of the participants) fastest riders will go through the next round, and so on up to the final heat.

Race Results are added together. To win you have to get as less of points as possible because you get as much point as your fianl race ranking result (the firs will get 1 point (or 0,7 points), the secnod 2 points, the third 3 points, etc…).

An amazing mix of technique and strategy has to be shown to well perform in this discipline!!

TT racing jibe

Now it’s time to wait, the Youth Olimpic Games will start on 6 october. Who is gonna be the first person ever to win an Olympic gold medal in this sport ?

A big thanks to the IKA, to the World Sailing and to the TwinTip:Racing to allowed me to use theirs pictures taken during the last European Championships.