Sofia Tomasoni wins the first ever gold medal in the history of kiteboarding

Interview with the young italian champion Sofia Tomasoni national representative for the ASSOCIAZIONE KITESURF ITALIANA, exclusively for

Italian female kiteboarding continues to surprise in the most important international competitions. After the amazing performance of Francesca Bagnoli in freestyle, Sofia Tomasoni achieved an amazing goal, she has won an historic gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) of Buenos Aires 2018.


The Olympic path was far from easy, but the young promise italian kitesurfer managed to clear all obstacles: firstly she became the Young World Champion in Brazil in 2017 and then she confirmed her leadership in the first qualification round in Dakhla, in Morocco, where she won her ticket to Buenos Aires.

After those performances she arrived at the Youth Olypic Games with a lot of pressure because she was considered as one of the favorites.


But let’s see how she has lived this experience: how and why she starts competing in TT racing, and how she became the best in this discipline.

Sofia, how long have you been practising TT racing for?

I have been practising TT racing for over one year and half, since the Olympic selection has been launched”.

What do you think about this discipline, why did you chose it and what did you used to do before?

I used to do freestyle and then I start to do TT racing because there was this oportunity to go to the Olypic Games and because it is a beautiful discipline. It may seem boring but it’s really interesting, technical and tactical race, it’s much more complicated than she looks”.


How did you qualify to the Youth Olympic Games?

I had two opportunity: to win the European Championships or get among the four best riders at the World Championships. I managed to qualify the Italian nation winning the Euopean Championship in Morocco last February”.

How did you get yourself ready for this competition?

I worked hard all the year long and I spent a month in Cagliari with all the italian olympic sail team and with our coach Simone Vannucci”.


What did it happen during the first races?

Everything was difficult during the first days, a lots of things happened which slowed me down so the competition got harder but I managed to stay always between the second and the third place”.

What’s the keypoint of your success?

Never give up”.


Tell us about the final race, how did you climb from third to first place?

I started first but suddenly I was too overpowered and I missed a jump, so I had to come back and two girls (Poema Newland e Nina Font), passed me, I was third. Then Nina, the Spanish girl, had my same problem and she couldn’t cut the finsh line so she had to come back and I could overtake her finishing the race in second place. But the French girl (Poema Newland) had a penality because she knock over the German girl (Alina Kornelli)”.

Now everything is finished and you are the Olympic Champion, how do you feel?

I feel so good after all the efforts I made. I worked hard for the past two years to achive this goal and I can say that if you do believe in something everything can happen. I worked close together with all my team, coaches and the people who supported me, as sponsors and family, and I’m happy to pay them back with this victory”.

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A big thanks to Sofia Tomasoni for her willingness, to the World Sailing, the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and the TT:R for the amazing work they have done with this new discipline !

All the pictures belong to the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) of Buenos Aires 2018.