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My name is Simone Timpano and I was born and grew up in a big city, Rome, and for most of my childhood that’s where I lived and I had planned to live my life since I had a family business to continue. Hence, all my studies were oriented towards that goal. I spent most of my adolescence following a process that should lead me to a “real” job and an “acceptable” social status.

But things turned out differently.

I slowly began to open my eyes, letting my personality run wild with the awareness that life is one. Above all I knew I wanted to be the one to decide how to live it. But to be able to take action we need tough, and at times radical, decisions.

Here are the choices I made..

3 radical choices

  • The first radical choice was to leave alone for a year in Australia, far from everyone, to catch up with myself after a troubled period. This trip has literally changed my life, even if at the moment I was not conscious at all!
    In fact, my studies hadn’t finished yet and, on my return, I spent two years aiming to graduate as soon as possible. During this time I was also working in my insurance agency which I later managed for a couple of years with my brother.
    But there was something wrong with me, I could hear a voice suggesting me what I really wanted: Simone, let’s drive away from a life that I you don’t appreciate.
    Yet the path was not easy, a lot of things happened, and my understanding of the world changed as time passed and I wanted to figure out what was best for me and what I really needed.
  • Therefore, I decided to take the second radical choice, to shut down the agency and leave for a journey without time restrictions. Fate would have decided for me. And so it happened, and together with my girlfriend we left for South America.
  • However, life isn’t always easy, and after not even three months I had to come back due to family problems. Once again I found myself stuck, a bit lost. And that’s when I discovered kitesurfing. The freedom of this sport fascinated me. Thus, I took a third radical choice without too much reflection, to make of kiteboarding an integral part of my life. I wanted to become an instructor. In the end, I found myself exploring some of the best places to practice and discover ideal places to improve my skills, with a target fixed in my head.

Kitesurf Instructor

I experienced kiting and fell in love with the feeling of freedom and for constant connection with nature. I immediately realized that it was an opportunity to be caught on the fly, and I did not waste time. After taking my first basic course, I went abroad to practice and improve my expertise. So I spent months full of positive but also difficult moments since I was often far from the people I cared about. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to give up halfway. Therefore I continued to train tenaciously until I felt comfortable with a kite in my hands. At that moment I realized that I was ready, I applied for the DEJEPS, the French state diploma. A year of apprenticeship, practice and several tests to pass. A real challenge that I have overcome very proudly.

During the diploma I have worked with the best international coaches and riders, and it has been very motivating. It was also thanks to this experience that I was able to grow and succeed as an instructor. As a result I am proud to have worked for various structures during these last years, both associations and private schools, in different countries. Here is a list:

  • Ride Academy by Seb Garat
  • Junglekite School
  • Kitesurf Leucate KSL
  • Tiki Center
  • Ucpa Port Barcarés

and that’s not all..

The funny thing is that working for a former world champion like Sebastien Garat, I often had to support and supervise some of the most talented young international athletes, such as his brother Valentin Garat and Arthur Guillbert… and sometimes I wonder who the student really is, ahah ?!

Kitesurf Coach

The diploma I achieved allows me to train any kind of athlete, and accompany him during competitions. Unlike the course as an instructor, my diploma is largely focused on the role of coach. Being a polyvalent athlete, I have developed skills in all disciplines of kitesurfing to provide the best coaching to my students.

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Content Creator

Besides teaching, I like to write..

I’m passionate about kiting and being very close with high level athletes I followed live their competitions, their lifestyle and discovered some of their hacks. Wherefore I started to write various articles about kitesurfing world that I share on my website. In addition, I have been working with some of the most important online kite magazines.

My “Mission”

  • To convey my passion through teaching, whether it’s for beginner or advanced courses.
  • To write about topics that I care about, related to the world of kiting and so forth.
  • To share stories and advices about sport and kitesurf, to be a source of inspiration or simply to make you spend a good time reading and increasing your knowledge.
  • To provide detailed guides of the best spots I have ride in, with practical tips.
  • To organize sports trips, is the next step.

Life is only one and it is yours. It has been given to you to live it, shape it and play it as you wish. But remember to do not waste it because nobody will give it back to you!

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In Summary

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